Career Profile

A Student at La Trobe University. I completed a Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering, followed by my Honours in Software Defined Networking (SDN). I’m Currently completing my PhD. My research interests include: distributed systems, blockchain, and IoT.


Lab tutor and assignment marker

2021 - Present
La Trobe University

Lab tutor for La Trobes blockchain subject CSE5BCC.

Intern Software Engineer

Jonnee Coffee

During my time at Jonnee Coffee, I was on a team of three other engineers. We worked together on modifying an existing vending machine from a Spanish manufacturer. Our task was to replace the capacitive buttons on the machine with a large vertical touch screen, along with building a backend and companion mobile app.

IT Support

2014 - Present
Self Employed

Providing a broad range of IT support for computer hardware/software, home networking, and a various range of technology.


La Trobe University

Creation of an Android Application and companion web application to assist Biology students with their lab work and lab submission while also providing a web application for demonstrators to easily mark lab work.


Small side projects.

Self Hosted Infrastructure - Upkeep of an Unraid server to provide apps like Plex, Nextcloud, and backup solutions for friends and family.
Cryptocurrency Trading Engine - Currently in the early stages of development. Written in Python

Skills & Proficiency


System Design




Electronics Prototyping